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The B-58 has appeared in a few Hollywood feature films, the most notable being the 1964 film Fail-Safe, starring Walter Matthau and Henry Fonda. This big budget movie tells the story of American planes sent to deliver a nuclear attack on Moscow; but it's a mistake due to an electrical malfunction and now the planes cannot be recalled.

Note that while the B-58 Hustler is shown in many external shots, the interior scenes of the bomber appears to be the cockpit of a B-52.

"Plane Simple: B-58 Hustler" on the Military Channel

This recent television documentary produced by the Military Channel featured interviews with the prototype pilot and flight engineer, as well as other crew members and the chief designer. Special thanks to James Maldonado for posting this. Split into 5 parts to conform to YouTube standards, it is presented in its entirety here:

Many film clips of the B-58 Hustler may be found on YouTube:

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