R A T E S L I V E  

B A N D   N A M E S

Here's a list of random words to help you think of a good band name, provided you don't actually use any of them!

8-track release party
a few bricks shy
a few cents short
a light shower
a reunion of sorts
a show of hands
a walk on the wildish side
abby normal
academia nuts
acid test
acoustic pretenders
act of peace
adopted alien
adorned and airborne
agents of change
agree to disagree
aim west
alas, sardines
alien abduction
all hazed out
all she wrote
alleged solution
almost clever
almost like love
alpha decay
altair five
alternate take
amazing reunion
amour de lune
analog bliss
analogue obsession
ancient ones
and you and i
angular momentum
anything radio
apocalypso facto
approaching normal
aqua doggie
army men and navy beans
arriving ufo
as if
ask for the moon
asphalt bellyflop
asphalt summersault
assisted pesticide
assisted regicide
atomic numbers
autumn cannibalism
awful at names
axle bite
ayksin paynes
babe in the woods
back order
backflip from the balcony
backseat driver
backyard sinkhole
bacon for vegans
bad attitude
bad neighbors
bad vibes from misery's marimba
bad void
bag of hammers
bag of tricks
bait and switch
baked bean bubble bath
balcony backflip
band drama duh
band together
banned from eugene
baptism of fiber
barbed wire bunting
be the one
beanstalks and pizzas
beard of hornets
beat the clock
bedeviled by bejeezus
behind the 8-ball
behind you
below the radar
bending the rules
between sardines
beyond help
beyond shadow
beyond soul
beyond the pale
beyond therapy
beyond words
bite marks on the naugahide
bitter mug of nether nog
black flower
black maria
black vinyl kings
black water
bleeding edge
bleeped out
blind chaos
blind eye
blind obsession
blown cover
blue box enigma
blue in green
blue onion
blue plate special
blue shift
blue vibe
blues from concentrate
blues manifesto
blues screen of death
book of exile
book of lies
booty and the ho-fish
bottom feeders
boundary layer
box of rocks
breakfast in the rain
bright shadow
buffalos in springfield
bug spray
bums rush
burned out
burned to the wick
burning bridge
busfare to nowhere
bush fire
buttered peace
buttered peas for the ill-at-ease
butterstick barricade
caballo muerto
caffeine and sardines
california stop
cancer moon
canned feet
cardboard crescendo
cardboard utopia
carelessly flung clams
carnal ignorance
carrots handbags cheese
cassette release party
casting shadows
castle anthrax
casual friday
catch hell
catsup bottle wine rack
caught short
cease and desist
chainsaw diplomacy
chalkboard sonata
chameleon's day off
chance meeting
chapter and verse
cheap cigar
chime overload
chimney sweeps
china cat
chinese and american food
cinder block tetherball
city of rain
civil union
clap trap
class action
clear light
clever fiona
clever imitation
clever muse
clever ruse
clever tofu
cloak and dagger
clockwork dragon
clockwork radio
clockwork society
clockwork universe
clone disruption
cobalt moon
come unglued
comedy cave-in
comfortably numb
communist synthesizers
compassion fatigue
concierge to the stairs
consider us gone
consumed by camels
cookie cutters
corduroy blisters
corncob harmonica
corona theory
cosmic download
cosmic echo
cosmic eruption
crack a smile
crack of dawn
crap dojo
crawdads in your crab grass
creatures of habit
creme filling for hollow victories
crimson dawn
crippling funnybone arthritis
crisis averted
crotch puppets
cruel joke
crumpled cardboard crescendo
curiosity shop
cut and dried
cut the chord
dainty doo-dads for the despondent
damage control
damn democrats
dan rather not
dandy obsession
dangerous exports
dangerous territority
dante and the infernos
dark horse
dark spark
dead horse
dead reckon
dead replicants
dead wrong
decay sera sera
decaying orbit
deep cover
deep-pile carpet bombing
delightful obsession
demilitarized zone
dental records
depot dogs
died in the wool
dig a pony
din of iniquity
dirt carrots for dust bunnies
dirt clods in your fuel rods
dirt nap
discontentment's seed pod
distant echo
distant future
dockside scrod barrage
doctor piglet
don't look
don't panic
doppler shift
doppler shift workers
doppler swing shift
dork stick duel
double stop
double your funk
double your pressure, double your funk
downtown solution
drastic obsession
draw a blank
dream soldiers
dress down day
dressed to kill
driving edge
dubious distinction
dubious obsession
dubious reflection
duck and cover
dump truck motorcade
easier said
east veneta stew
eastern intrigue
eat and run
eccentric orbit
echo horizon
effluvium dunk-tank
einstein's hairdo
elective surgery
electric dawn
electric druid
electric eye
electric jungle
electric sheep
eleventh hour
elmira incident
elmira mixup
elmira territory
emergency flashers
emotional foosball
empty voids
encrusted with humor
end of the line
endless paradox
endless soul
entirely unlike jazz
entirely unlike tea
eternal foes of the work ethic
eugene babylon
eugene divorce
eugene pool
eugene who?
every little thing
exit 195
face down in the fondue
face first
face first into the furnace
face value
fail-safe failure
fair and unbalanced
fair shake
fanfare for the common clam
far fetched
feed the kitty
feel free
fever pitch
fiberglass waffles for unwanted houseguests
fictional characters
fidelity stew
field guide to the underside
fifth power
fifty megaton
film @ 11
final amendment
first dibs on the last rites
first stand at fort surrender
fish meets cow
fists of rage
five o'clock shadow
five part invention
flailing banjos
flame grilled
flamenco-style fingernail removal
flat-handed cactus slap
flensing the flopping flanks of fun
flimsy excuse
fly by night
flying colors
food for soul
food for thoughtlessness
for keeps
for real
forbidden fruit cocktail
forbidden gate
forbidden mix
forbidden orbit
forbidden planet
forbidden void
foreign bodies
forty winks
fraidy cat
freak show guest stars
free and clear
free lunch
friggin' blackberries
frozen obsession
fruit-flavored floor wax
fruits of the sluice
full potential
full stop
full tilt
fully-accredited crap dojo
fun with quarks
future times
future void
g string theory
gabriel's cruel joke
gabriel's spit trap
galilean moon
garden hosers
gargling with goulash
gentle folk
geosynchronous orbit
get off the stage
get the willys
gifts that keep on giving
glass opera
glimmering mirage
glitter in your gruel
global appeal
going postal
got a sweater, wanted a screamer
got nothing
grand central
gravity's pull
gray matter
grease monkeys
green wednesday
grind to a halt
grunion reunion
grunion run
guilty obsession
guttersnipe finishing school
had enough
hailstone puppets
half full
half life
hamster dan
hands across the bandsaw
hang it all
harley krisna
harmless obsession
harmonic distortion
harmonic garden
harmonious dischord
hatchet-job afterglow
hazard a guess
head first
headfirst into the hobart
headlock nepotism
heart of the dawn
heartburn hotel
heartfelt groove
heat-and-serve nihilism
hell-bent for naugahyde
hello it's us
hellride backseat driver
her magesty's pleasure
hi-octane shlock vapor lock
hidden camera
high octane
highway to nowhere
hogtied with velvet duct tape
hold your tongue
homicide or suicide?
honey wagon hayride
honeymoon is over
hood-mounted carcass
hopeless romantics
hopes and dreams
hopped up on what you mopped up
horse track flapjacks
host session lost
hot buttered
hot cakes
hot coffee
hot fruit
hot java
hot plasma
hot soup
hotblack desiato
house of cards
hull breach
ice cream for mercy
ignition sequence
imaginary friends
impermanent wave
impromptu bath
in one piece
in the air
in the light
in the pink
in the pocket
in theory
indigo crepe
industrial waste of time
inner sanctum
inspected by number twelve
interminable onslaught
interstellar echo
ion drive
ipso facto
iron-on rough patch
it's not just awful...it's god-awful
jacked up on java
jackhammer chiropractic
jackknife nosedive
jagged edge
jagged junkpile of jocularity
jalapeño suppositories
janx spirit
jaws of live
je t'aime
jen and the jokers
jen and the joysticks
jen and the madmen
jen does windows
jen don't do dishes
jetpack junkies
just released
just the ticket
kamikaze chorus
kamikaze ducks
keep an eye out
killer blancmangé
kind of red
kindred spirit
kinetic energy
kit kat shuffle
klingons in your globular cluster
knuckle sandwich
knuckle-bone skid marks
l'une vie
la bande dessineé la plus populaire de france
la cienega
last door on the left
late for supper
latte louts
laugh lines
laugh scavengers
lava lamp
leap of faith
legally normal
less fun than a barrel full of biting monkeys
let's be honest
let's do lunch
let's play now
libby and the moonbats
life, the universe, and everything
linoleum dreams
liquid red
liquid sunshine
little blue lights
little chocolate donuts
lizzard blizzard
loaded dice
lonely road
long way down
long way home
looking for larry
looks good on paper
lost souls and assholes
loud and clear
loud hailer
low dose
low earth orbit
lucifer's screwdriver
luddite technicians
lunar shadow
lunatic fringe
mad props
magic dragon
magic theater
magnetic storm
mama told me
mantra moguls
martini river
matter of fact
measure for measure
microwave pet carrier
middle of nowhere
midlife chrysler
midnight shadow
midnight soul
midnight splash
mind the gap
minute to midnight
mix and match
modern love
molasses for the masses
molecular gate
molecular kickboxing
molecular taboo
monkfish habit
moonbat jello
moonbat yogurt
mordant amusements for gentlefolk
more me
more ram
more wicked brew
mortal coil
mortal remains
morwick brew
mostly harmless
mr. darwin's neighborhood
mulholland drive
muted muse
my so-called wife
name naptime on the railroad tracks
nearly normal
nebulous nibs of nutriment
neglected vibe
neon vibe
new shoes
new uses for spent juices
next door to normal
nicked and grazed
nicotine dream
night on the town
no disgrace
no excuses
no hard feelings
no harm done
no laughing matter
no more python
no one home
no strings attached
nobody home
noche negra
non-addictive music substitute
non-prescription remedy
normal service will resume shortly
northwest of normal
not cricket
not for sustained use
not quite
not quite normal
nothing but flowers
nothing like you
nuclear playpen
nuclear shadow
numbered orange duds
obscurité rouge
odd man out
odds and ends
off beat
off the air
off the record
off the wall
on again off again
on hold
on purpose
on the air
on the blink
on the verge
once in a lifetime
onda azul
one brick shy
one hand clapping
one more bite
one sandwich short of a picnic
one tire in the dirt
one-way ticket
operation soul
opportunity lost
orbital mechanics
other obsession
our daily band
our little problem
out of line
out of hand
out of the blue
out of whack
out to lunch
oval obsession
over the edge
pagan holiday
paisley logic
panties in a wad
pantload ididerod
paper cuts
paper dragon
particle theory
passion play
peeled apples
perdition's pogo stick
perfectly palatable protein pulp
perro negro
phase monkey
pickle juice
picture worth a thousand welts
piece of cake
pieced together
piercing scream
pine skyline
pink eye
pink sunglasses
pity vote
pizza for eight
planetary wanderlust
plastic fruit for a starving nation
plastic monkey
play back
playing with fire
plowshares into polyester
plus one
pocked with hot grommets
pocket change
poetic justice
point blank
polar orbit
polyester obsession
polyester radio
positive ions
present company included
presidential cigar
pressed for time
pretty much normal
previously normal
product-free cruelty
project shadow
prosthetic limb
protracted laugh famine
public eye
public nuisance
pulling rank
pure and simple
purulent polyps in your pulque
quarter-ton bumpercar
quietly postal
raccoon invasion
radiation warning
radio therapy
rainbow of regret
ransom for no one
raspberry rugburn
razorblade whirlygig
read my lips
real life
reasonable doubt
recent memory
reckless obsession
recycled cans
red alchemy
red avocado
red brick
red canvas
red carpet rug burn
red cell
red coat
red couch
red delirium
red exit
red eye
red eye reunion
red flag
red flip
red fly
red glove
red handed
red herring
red house
red leatherette
red lens
red light
red line
red magnitude
red mark
red menace
red moon
red nebula
red obsession
red onion
red rapture
red refrain
red regret
red rhapsody
red riff
red satin
red socks
red sofa
red spark
red sunglasses
red surprise
red tomato
red tribe
red velvet
red voodoo
red wire
red yoda
reddy kilowatt
restraining order
retro-fitting the unwitting
reverb revolution
revert to form
rhythm bandits
rhythm diplomacy
rhythm menace
rhythm section
rhythm theory
rhythm track
rhythmic haze
rhythmic manifesto
ribcage xylophone
riders on the longhorn shortbus
rides off in all directions
riding for a fall
right as rain
ringing endorsement
rip tide
road skill
roasting chestnuts
rob and the floating heads
robot diplomacy
rock-hard abdominal cramps
rodeo of regret
rotten egg incubator
rough idea
routine sardines
roxbury drive
rubber band theory
rubber duck for your bathos
rule of thumb
rule the world
rumpled rodeo of regret
running scared
running wild
rusted tight
rusty corkscrew acupuncture
rutilant rugburn raspberries
safe and sound
safely ensconced
safety meeting
sage advice
sand dollars for the dirt-poor
sandpaper backrub
sanitary and delicious
sardine fusion
sardines & tangerines
sausages for your sarcophagus
saving grace
scared stiff
scarlet fusion
scented aspirin for perfume headaches
science non-fiction
scotch tape for a cardboard utopia
scout ship
second impression
self-inflicted corduroy blisters
send off
send out the clowns
senior moment
sennett majority
sermon-free humor
seven summer slackers
seventy miles per into the brick wall
shadow moon
shadow overture
shadow puppets
shadow radio
shadow river
shapeless void
shepherd moon
shipwrecked voyage of discovery
shitty shitty band band
short attention spanswick
short bus romeo
shotgun approach
shotgun wedding
show of hands
shower from the clocktower
shrimp sorbet
sidewalk attitude
sidewalk canyon
sidewalk china
sidewalk chronicles
sidewalk comeback
sidewalk confessional
sidewalk delusion
sidewalk diplomacy
sidewalk essential
sidewalk holiday
sidewalk intensity
sidewalk intuition
sidewalk kippers
sidewalk legacy
sidewalk monsoon
sidewalk parade
sidewalk paradox
sidewalk planet
sidewalk radio
sidewalk sacrilege
sidewalk safety meeting
sidewalk samurai
sidewalk sarcasm
sidewalk sardine
sidewalk scaffolding
sidewalk seasoning
sidewalk semaphore
sidewalk serious
sidewalk slackers
sidewalk sly
sidewalk soul
sidewalk sound check
sidewalk spark faeries
sidewalk speed demons
sidewalk starmakers
sidewalk static
sidewalk statistic
sidewalk sublime
sidewalk sunrise
sidewalk supplementals
sidewalk surprise
sidewalk swag
sidewalk symphony
sidewalk talent
sidewalk tsunami
sidewalk underworld
single file
sinner's temple
sirens of titan
skyline drive
skyline radio
slap in the face
slaves to fashion
slightly miffed
slip of the tongue
slippery slope
slipstream sausages
smashing vibe
smurfs on smack
snapped axle
so close
so what?
sofa bitch
soft soap for hard times
solar sails
solar wind
some assembly required
somersault into the asphalt
something ripe in the bagpipe
sonic alloy
sonic imperative
sonic obsession
sonic soup
sonic stew
soul attraction
sound chaser
sound minds
sounds like
sounds like chicken
soup for venetians
soup line
spark in the dark
speak up
spectre rouge
spencer's butt
spontaneous monotony
spotlight hogs
square one
square two
standard-issue rations
step into blue
step stool of stagnation
stepping stone to sarcasm
stereo legacy
stick ponies for staff people
stinky canals
stomp box jockeys
stoned wheat crackers
storm drain
strange charm
strategic sidekick sacrifice
string theory
strip-mined comedy ore
stroke of luck
studio city
stupid stars
sublime obsession
suddenly the sidewalk
summer slackers
sunday drive
sunken dreams
super 90
super ninety
supernovaacid test
surgically-precise slapdashery
sustained use
sweat beads on your inner needs
sweetbreads for bottom feeders
swift kick rib tickler
synthetic pelt trading post
table for one
taking liberties
tales of tomorrow
talk back
talk show
talking to daisies
tallulah crackhead
tangent decay
tangent theory
tar nation
tarnished brass laugh snuffer
tarpaper in the tissue dispenser
taut tapestry of tendons
tea for one
technically incorrect
tedious tales of tomorrow
tedium's oaken tent pole
teeny-tiny tadpole tether
teeth and nails when all else fails
teethmarks in your upholstery
tepid tureen of taint
tequila mockingbirds
terminal velocity
testing tedium's tensile strength
thank you for sharing
the altered egos
the ancient ones
the antidote
the awakened
the banned
the beatitudes
the beckoning aperture of dismay
the beer hunters
the beneficient bosom of blasé
the biters
the bumble bees
the business side of doublewide
the chance
the chromophobes
the confessions
the contradictions
the cosmopolitans
the cut
the dearly departed
the disappointed
the feckless
the flat tire on your inner journey
the flatliners
the floating heads
the girl next door but one
the great unwashed
the lady bugs
the meeting
the mellifluous milk of monotony
the moonbats
the mouldering mounds of mirth
the name escapes me
the new venetians
the next bend
the nookie junkies
the official pace car for the apocalypse
the orange peels
the oxymorons
the quantum mechanics
the remnants
the sequel
the splintery porch swing of despair
the straight faces
the sunken dreams
the tone-arms of turbidity
the trees
the trespassers
the unlightable bareness of meat
the vapors
the vapors club
the venetians
the wet carpet treatment
the wet snap of an oiled strap
the wobbly wheels of wonder
theme from eugene
thick blue haze
think about it
think nothing of it
think tank
threadbare tapestry
thrown away
thrown down blues
tick tock
time dragon
tin cupful
tinkle bell of the unthinkable
tofu curse
token joke
token twit
tolkien black
toluca lake
topographic error
tornado trailer park makeover
tossing corn cobs
total harmonic distortion
touched by an anvil
towel junkies
toxic cocktail
tragic magic
trailer park makeover
trailhead trolls
trampled underfoot
transverse passage
tree huggers convention
trial and error
tribal council
tribesmen of the cold hillsides
true obsession
tundra clump under-scrub
tune in drop out
turbo-powered tedium
turn of the century
tv dinner
uncarved block
uncivil union
under the sun
underblast afterburn
underdone overkill aftermath
unfeasible behaviour
unfinished business
unforseen sardines
unified theory
union reunion
unplanned bath
unseen sardines
untimely end
upper limit
urban holiday
urban obsession
vacation day
vague obsession
vaguely familiar
vapors club
vector gate
vegan bacon
venetian blind
venetian blinds
venetian invasion
venetian territory
version four
vertical limit
very small rocks
vinegaroons in your ventilation
vintage and confused
vinyl horizon
vinyl killing floor
violets and vinegar
virulent laugh pathogen
viva voce
vivid blue
voice of reason
void play
voids and music
voodoo hex
voodoo red
vox and the vacation
wafting whiffs of whatnot
waking dreams
walk in the park
wall to wall
wall warts
wall-eyed eddy
warp factor five
wave machine
wayfarers all
we be guitars and shit
we talk to the wind
weapons of mass distraction
weird orbit
welcome to the nightmare
well chuffed
well-nigh normal
west end
wet carpet treatment
wetness and warmth for wussies
when the residue comes due
where's red?
whirled peas
who's complaining?
wicked brew
wide awake
wind-chime of the apocalypse
without fail
wood and wires
wookie halitosis
word for word
wreckless obsession
yellow jacket petting zoo
zed zed nine plural zed alpha
zeitgeist scheiss geyser
zenith sidewalk altitude
zero tolerance

Many of these were stolen from Max Cannon, creator of Red Meat

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